New Item in the Works!!!

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So, what could this new item be?  Do you have a guess from the few pieces that are shown in the photo?  Okay.  I am a bit overly excited and why wouldn't I be?  I have only been thinking about this item for years! Yes......... years!!  What could have possibly taken me so long?  In truth, I have a terrible habit of always needing to finish something the same day it is begun. Since I haven't had a full day free to work out all the details , make the pattern , and get to sewing; it unfortunately was left to bounce around in my brain.  Thankfully, I am finally learning to take that extra thirty minutes and do as much as I can.  At this time, the pieces have all been cut and the notions have all arrived.  Now, I just need to use any extra minutes to iron and sew!! I can't wait to finish this piece and add it to the shop!  Coming soon.....

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