Brown Raccoon Ear Tail Faux Fur Clip on Set

Regular price $59.00

These fun raccoon clip on ears are made of dark brown faux fur with black fleece inside the ear.  These are great for rocket costumes, cosplay,  cons, Halloween, or hanging out with friends. The ears are approximately 4.5" x 3" from tip of fur to tip of fur. The inside black fleece of the ear is approximately 2" wide by 3" tall. They can be worn facing forward or to the side. If you need extra holding power, use bobby pins (not included) or you can snap the clips onto a thin headband (not included).

The raccoon tail is brown faux fur with black stripes and is approximately 20" long. The tail has a metal swivel clasp which attaches to belt loops, a thin belt or slip it over the top band of your pants. 

Handmade in the USA and ships in 3 business days.

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